About the artist

Sara Greco, goldsmith and gemologist from Salento,  was born in Taranto, Apulia, in 1983, and she has been living in Lecce since she was 2 years old. In this artistically fertile environment, she has become interested in drawing and art – and, in particular, in goldsmithing – since she was a child.

During her studies at the Art Institute of Lecce, specializing in “Art of Metal and Jewelry making”, the artist has also started to deepen her knowledge in the workshops of the province of Lecce, learning the most ancient techniques of the goldsmith from the best masters, developing her innate artistic talent.

After having learned to design jewelry, studying the art of jewelry-making, repoussé and cloisonné, she earned her diploma of "Master of Arts" and the "Maturità Artistica[1]" with top marks. Then, she has continued to learn and practice in various workshops in the Province of Lecce and the Region of Apulia where she has begun to work precious metals – such as gold and silver – on the bench, and to learn processes such as lost-wax casting.

In order to expand the range of her knowledge and to learn new artistic methods, she attended advanced courses at the Training Institute I.RI.GEM., near Vicenza; "Gold, Design, Wax" and "Gemologist and Lapidarist".

Through these courses, she has learned about the wonderful world of precious stones, to distinguish and recognize them from their inclusions, and has started to cut the gemstones, learning how to get a brilliant result through the precision of execution.

Thanks to this school, she comes into contact with important professionals in the field from Vicenza.

Following this period, the goldsmith developed a passion for wax modeling, which she later deepened
thanks to her modeling teacher, who taught her all the secrets of this special technique allowing her to stand out among others.

She continued her training course by attending the course: "Setting of precious stones", at the professional training Institute, "Formazione il Tarì", where he learned the meticulous art of engraving and setting of stones; deepening this knowledge and working in specialized laboratories, she learned the secrets of the great masters of Neapolitan goldsmiths.

Back to her town, Lecce, she worked with various goldsmiths of the province and not, creating important works which went all around Italy and which were also be known abroad through exhibitions, plays, events and important fashion shows.

The research for an original and personal style, encouraged her, in 2012, to open her own workshop and to create an own brand: “SARA GRECO GIOIELLI ", coming out with the collections "Argentovivo" and "Improntae".

In each jewel there is the logo of her brand, which symbolizes her soul and her style.

A brand which quickly evolved and incredibly expanded, becoming known in whole Italy and abroad, earning the esteem of all experts of the industry, as well as of actresses, singers and famous national and international Italian bloggers. Many journalists have spoken and written about her and her unique collections of great artistic value, both social and cultural, also at the release of the famous collection " Sognando.." in 2013, and the recent collection " Terra degli Ulivi " (2015).
Each jewel is treated by hand in every detail. This artist is unique as she carries out, personally, every single phase of the process, from the design to the final decoration.

Her brand was born from the combination of her artistic talent and the continuous research:

Art and design jewels.



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