Lights, snow, the smell of fresh pastries, laughs, hugs, and all the warmth of family and friends in the evenings spent in company around the fire.

Christmas is all about this and more. It is a period of happiness, to share with people we love.

This is why SGG has dedicateda special Limited Edition Collection to Christmas: “Sognando…”.

Inspired by the sounds, the smells, the colors of Christmas, the goldsmith and gemologist artist Sara Greco realized – for the brand Sara Greco Gioielli – a series of items with an exclusive design and strong Christmas connotations.

Pendants and bracelets containing secret emotions and feelings related to Christmas holidays to remember forever.

“I dreamed a little gingerbread house and the gingerbread man climbing up to the moon to take the star and fulfill my most secret desire. I dreamed the angel to protect that dream. I dreamed and, with silver, I gave shape to my dream.”


ph-graphic ZappatoreAssociati