Land of olive trees

Sara Greco Gioielli



"Terra degli ulivi: Jewelry from Salento"

The new Sara Greco Gioielli collection debuts, after having already been presented at Lecce Fashion Week, and it is aimed at launching a single great message: “Save the olive trees of Salento

It is inspired by the colors of Salento, by the countryside of Lecce where the gnarled olive trees are combined with the colors and brilliance of the embedded minerals.

Its name is “Terra degli Ulivi: Jewelry from Salento” and it is the new artistic creation which connects Sara Greco's talent with the most authentic Italian goldsmith's tradition.

Like the majestic olive trees, jewels can crystallize and give testimony of the Zeitgeist – the spirit of the age – recalling the characteristics of their environment; they do not come from nowhere, but from the reflection of the reality imprinted in the soul of each artist. Each piece of this particular collection by Sara Greco is absolutely unique, just as every olive tree, and comes from the bond between this young artist and her land.

The connection with the current problem of “Xylella” is immediate; “Xylella” is a bacterium that, according to initial surveys carried out by the authorities, would compromise the olive tree. It is a struggle that this land must be able to face and win. The radical change in the landscape destroys the historical and naturalistic foundations of the social fabric of Salento; therefore, a collective action of all the social and intellectual energies of Apulia becomes absolutely necessary and urgent to defend the territory and to tie it with art.

Sara Greco wants to make her contribution through her art, through this collection “Terra degli Ulivi” (“Land of Olive Trees”): each piece of jewelry is an act of defense of every uprooted olive tree.

The artist also wanted to realize the creative project of a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, an earring caressing the green-silver olive tree leaves, symbol of life, hope and rebirth for a plant that even the ancient Greeks used to defend from any attack and that the great writer Mario Rigoni Stern has celebrated with a touching phrase: “The olive tree is the bed that Odysseus had made ”.

The handmade jewel protects the precious materials as the main guarantee of eternity.

In such a sensitive time, the value of Sara Greco's jewelry creations – entirely handmade with environmentally-friendly materials – is intertwined with the defense of the land and the values of the tradition of Salento.

Sara's new collection is a combination of craftsmanship, art and design: thanks to the ductility and malleability of silver, the artist can carve it without altering the harmony of the embedded minerals. And the many hues of natural crystals give a unique style to the wearer.

Thanks to Sara's fantastic craftsmanship, these perfect prisms created by nature become an object of design. An object full of life, as a majestic olive tree.

The photoshoot was made by local artists who have offered their expertise to support this artistic project in defense of the olive trees of Salento.

Photographer: Dario Patrocinio; Fashion model: Giulia Vedruccio; Make-up artist: Martina Barbarossa; Hairstylist: Marzia Giunco (Giunco Hair Boutique).


ph-graphic ZappatoreAssociati